If you are a pet owner and you are not familiar with boarding kennels, here is some great and informative information that you can use. A boarding kennel is place designed to care for you pets whenever you are in need of their help. Also some kennels offer additional services besides just caring for your pets in your absence; such as training, grooming, and much more. Start by looking up words , such as boarding kennels Melbourne. The great thing about the growing business of boarding kennels, is that now families can leave their loving pet with trusted and knowledgeable staff members at a boarding kennel. No longer will you have to worry or wonder if you family pet is okay with friends or family members that do not have experience with caring for pets. Pet owners can relax and enjoy their vacations, emergency leaves, and etc. when they leave their pets at a boarding kennel.

What Does a Good Boarding Kennel Have to Offer?

Your pet is a part of the family. So, you want to make sure that whomever takes care of your love one has experience, a great demeanor, and your pets safety in mind. So, when you do your research make sure you look for the following

ABKA Member

Make sure that the boarding kennel is a part of the American Boarding Kennels Association. Being a member gives pet owners the security of leaving their pets with a facility that is knowledgeable, ethical, and holds a high standard to professionalism.


Check with the Better Business Bureau to find out the boarding kennels reputation and if they have complaints against them.

  • Due Diligence – Check with the boarding kennel to make sure that they can handle you pet and its needs. In addition, check for availability vacation months be busy so it is wise to make sure the date you need is available
  • Visit – There is no explanation for this one. Just go and check out the facility

These are just a few tips that aid in finding a great boarding kennel. There are additional items you should place on you list when looking for a great place for your family pet. One of the major features to consider is cleanliness. Remember the last tip? You will need to actually stop by and check for yourself if the facility is clean or not. But always make sure you call ahead and make an appointment. Another great feature is readily available food and clean drinking water. You want a boarding kennel that does not have protocols that require withholding food or water at certain times of the day. Finally, check to see if there is a private closed off outdoor run that is accessible for you pet. I am sure if you follow these few tips, you pet (small family member) will love you even more.

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