Yesterday I got home late from work and I found my cat Betsy curled up in her bed. She was laying in the exact spot I left her this morning. The past few days have been tough, trying to get her to eat, and she hasn’t touched her scratch post or mouse ball toys at all. She doesn’t feel well. When you know your animal well enough, you know when it’s time for them to see the veterinarian. Sometimes, things happen that we aren’t aware of, and either the animal tries to communicate with us or we can just see the changeup in their behavior. That’s why I think it’s important to know your pet, have a known vet on speed dial, and carry pet insurance.

Know Your Pet

I know Betsy, and I also know that this is her pattern of behavior because she has been sick before. The first time Betsy got sick, I didn’t know what to do, but I was attentive enough that I did catch the change in eating. It also helped that she was vomiting. It was also early enough that I didn’t have to take her to an overnight clinic. This time when I found Betsy I stayed up with her through the night and phoned the vet for the first appointment the next morning.

Have A Known Vet

Phil was booked up, but he’s very familiar with Betsy because I bring her in often enough to see him. She has received all of her shots and checkups, and they’ve also kept her for me once when I went out of town. Betsy feels safe with them, and that’s something I look for in my vet also. If your pet is uncomfortable, that should probably raise a flag. I could’ve called Phil the night before, but Betsy had already been like that for days, I figured a few more hours wouldn’t hurt her since the situation didn’t seem dire. Sometimes even if I think it’s going to be bad, I phone Pets Best first, just to get any advice on something I can do at home before rushing my pet to the vet and creating a bill.

Carry Pet Insurance

Speaking of bills, pet insurance is extremely important. The owners get hit pretty hard depending on what the issue is. That’s another reason I try to stay away from emergency visits. Certain things can’t be avoided, like surgeries or old age procedures, but even for those, it’s good to have coverage to help reduce some of the overhead.


Spend time with your pet and get to know their habits so you are alert enough to notice any sudden changes. Build a good rapport with your pet’s vet. You just may get the clearance to phone the vet directly and outside of office hours which is a huge bonus. Lastly, carry pet insurance, you never know what type of emergency you may need the money for, and vet bills can get just as high as ours.

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