Most women may prefer to collect plain hijab. The natural impression on plain hijab is easier to mix and match with everyday OOTD. However, the patterned hijab is no less fashionable and displays your feminine side. Well, if you want to switch to a patterned hijab, don’t miss this article. Hijab Here are seven hijab motif ideas to make your day more colorful.

Look elegant with all black outfit 

Black doesn’t always show a dark and mysterious side. In fact, black is the most natural color and can make you elegant. You can empower a black dress outfit to go to a party or appear at an official event. If you don’t really like the overall black look, use a floral hijab to make the OOTD a little colorful. You can wear ciput so you can loosen your main hijab.

Don’t be afraid to get dirty with white 

In contrast to black, white color can also be used for daily clothing. Hijab with navy blue and orange motifs helps you not look pale. Use the hijab by bringing the two sides right under your chin. Then pin it with your favorite pin or brooch. Get ready to hang out with your partner or friends.

The perfect black-and-white combination

This third idea is a combination of black and white, if you don’t really like all black, it’s all white. Unisma Black dresses and bags can be the best choice for this kind of idea. Then, choose a tie dye-style white hijab to complete your daily OOTD. Use the hijab by leaving a wide end to cover the chest through one side of the arm.

The patterned white chiffon hijab will exude your inner beauty 

Who doesn’t want to show a charming inner beauty? Maybe this white chiffon hijab with a not too flashy motif can be an alternative choice for those of you who are confused. Pair it with a gray top with small black spots. Pin a pin or brooch on one side of the chin.

Dare to try with a turban style? 

For those of you artsy anti-mainstream girls, the hijab turban style doesn’t hurt to try. Choose a white hijab with a combination of pink and dark green flowers. Make sure that all of your hair is covered with cloth and tied to one side of the nape of the neck. Hijab Then, put the fabric that extends in front of the shoulders. With a turban style, you can add accessories, such as earrings.

Fiery red with a floral red hijab 

The bright red look in fashion often reflects a woman who is brave and has a strong character. You can prove it by wearing a bright red hijab with a floral pattern. You can complete mix and match with a white top as a display neutralizer. Add a rather flashy make-up too, such as red lipstick, eyelashes, and emphasize the eyebrows.