It’s not uncommon for horse owners to board their pet at a stable. Many people do not have the land necessary to house a horse. If you fall into this category, keep these tips in mind when getting care for your pet.

Visit Your Horse Often

When boarding a horse, it is important to visit them often to make sure they understand they are not being abandoned. Even if your horse was boarded somewhere else previously, going to a new stable can be nerve-wracking for them. Keep them comfortable and reassured with some type of routine and visits that are on a consistent basis.

Make Sure You Have a Vet Picked Out

If something happens to your beloved horse, you want to make sure the place you are boarding them at knows who to call. If you haven’t considered the benefits, think about looking for the Best Horse Insurance Companies who can help in situations like these. Horse insurance can operate the same way medical insurance does for people. This can be useful if their situation requires a lot of medical intervention and you aren’t sure how you can manage it financially.

Understand the Policies of the Stable

Before boarding your horse, make sure you understand the policies of the stable and how they will handle certain situations. This can include what they will do if your horse gets sick, becomes injured, or has another issue that occurs and you cannot get to them right away. Make sure to ask questions before boarding your horse there, so you aren’t dealing with unexpected surprises later on.

If you have decided to board your horse, make sure you visit them often and help them adjust to their new surroundings. Have a vet picked out, and make certain you are clear on the policies the stable has set in place.

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