An emergency boarding facility sent out a plea for someone to step up and adopt their longest-staying resident.

Arlo is a Carpathian shepherd who was rescued from a kill shelter in Romania by Lotus Stray Rescue. He was placed at Willowdale Farm Rescue in Wisbech, U.K., to stay until Lotus Stray Rescue found his forever home. Yet, that was over 1,000 days ago.

This 5-year-old dog hit his 1,000th day in the kennel on November 7 and unfortunately, Arlo has had no interest from adopters or foster families the entire time.

“Arlo has been in kennels waiting for his place in the world for too long, we know he doesn’t belong here,” the caption reads on the TikTok video.

Shelter dog named Arlo
Screenshots from a TikTok video asking for someone to adopt Arlo. This large dog has been living in the kennels for over 1,000 days.

Both rescue centers are hopeful the right person will come along soon for Arlo. The goal is to have him in his forever home by 2024.

Arlo should be rehomed with a family that is kid and pet-free. He also needs a strong and patient owner to help him learn, especially since Arlo is not an easy dog.

This working dog breed is known to be a natural guardian, according to the American Kennel Club. They are loyal, brave, intelligent, and devoted, but also very playful. Carpathian shepherds are dedicated to protecting the family, master, and herd. They ultimately recognize just one human to be their master that they follow.

TikTokers are flooding the November 16 video with messages saying they believe his forever family will be coming along very soon. “That’s so sad. He’s beautiful. I really hope he gets a loving forever home,” commented one user.

Another added: “He’s such a lovely character and so handsome.”

Newsweek reached out for additional comment.

Four Paws, a global animal welfare organization, reported that Romania has one of the largest stray animal populations on the continent with estimates of up to 500,000 stray dogs.

Organizations like Lotus Stray Rescue save stray animals in Romania “as they have next to no chance in Romania,” the website states. The animals in Romania do not have protection laws in place.

A 2013 law has allowed for the mass capture and euthanasia of all stray dogs after 14 working days. If that dog is not picked up within that time frame, they are more than likely going to be euthanized.

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