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Pet Care Checklist For French Bulldog Owners

French Bulldogs are amazing companion dogs and make great pets for families. They are affectionate and well-behaved, even with new people and other animals. These are cute-looking animals, with big round eyes, small snouts and bat ears. Your family is bound to love it the moment they see it. The breed is lazy and does not need much exercise. This requires less effort from the owner, yet French Bulldogs are easy to train. They are good apartment dogs and can be left home by owners who have to be out for the entire day. However, there are some things that new French bulldog owners should know about. Here is the pet care checklist for them:

Keep its teeth clean

Since the dog has tight jaws, brushing its teeth requires some extra effort. But this does not mean that you can cringe on it. Brush its teeth at least every alternate day. Use good quality pet toothpaste and brush all sides of its teeth. Take at least 30 seconds for the process. Brushing will not be a problem because of the easy going temperament of the Frenchie. Take it to a vet for professional teeth cleaning once in a while.

Clean its wrinkles regularly

Deep facial wrinkles or folds are a characteristic trait found in French Bulldogs. They give these animals a cute appearance but cleaning them can be a lot of work for the owners. The wrinkles get dirty as they trap food, moisture, dirt, mucus, and dead skin. This can lead to the dog’s face smelling foul and a variety of skin problems such as sores, fungus, and infections. Therefore, routine cleaning of the skin folds is a must. Use non-allergenic antibacterial wet wipes to wipe the wrinkles and keep them clean. The frequency of cleaning depends on how dirty your Frenchie gets. Still, it is recommended that you do it every other day or even more if you need to.

Give it the right diet

As with all other pets, your Frenchie too needs the right kind of dog diet. The breed has sensitive stomach and is susceptible to vomiting and diarrhea. See a vet to find the right diet for your pet. You can try out different brands of pet foods and find the one which word best for the dog. Natural foods like meat and vegetables are also good for them. You have to be watchful about the size of the croquettes too. The dog eats the smaller ones really fast which can result in vomits. Medium sized croquets are the best because the dog will have to chew a lot. This improves the animal’s digestion and prevents vomiting too.

Keep its weight under control

It is important to keep a check on the weight of your French bulldog. Processed foods may cause bloating while natural ones like fresh meat and vegetables keep it slim and healthy. Also, try keeping the grain intake to the minimum. Besides giving it a healthy diet, you must also have a proper activity plan for the dog. Even moderate physical activity is enough to keep it in a good shape. So take your Frenchie out for long walks and give it nutritious diet for controlling its weight.

Be regular with vet visits

Regular vet visits are an essential part of a dog owner’s checklist. If you own a French bulldog, you need to be extra careful about the health of your canine companion. This breed is susceptible to a number of health issues and regular checkups are must for it. Be vigilant about the condition of tits eyes, ears, nose, skin, teeth, and gums. If you notice abnormalities, get an immediate health checkup from a qualified vet. Similarly, symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy should not be ignored. Even if the dog seems fit and fine, take it for a routine examination from time to time. You also ensure that the pet gets regular vaccinations and precautionary treatment against parasites and heart worms.

Keep it well groomed

A clean and well-groomed dog is a happy and healthy one. Check out these French bulldog owner stories to know more about the significance of regular grooming for your Frenchie. The best thing is that grooming this breed is a simple job that does not require much effort. Bathe it at least once in a month or earlier if the dog gets dirty. Use a good quality dog shampoo suitable for sensitive skin. Clean it under the tail too as this is another breeding spot for bacteria and germs. Trim its nails once in 4-8 weeks depending on the growth.

Take extra care during summers

Summers are tough on French Bulldogs because they are a brachycephalic breed and are not really good at maintaining their body temperature when it gets very hot. You should not keep the dog outdoors for long hours during hit, sunny days. The breed tends to get overheated due to high temperatures and physical activity. This makes a lethal combination and your pet may even die of heat stroke. Keep the dog hydrated if you are taking it out. Feed it at night so that it can digest easily.

Keep it warm in winters

Winters are relatively easier for your Frenchie but you need to make sure that it is warm and comfortable. The dog is sensitive to low temperatures and must be clothed in warm clothing like a jumper and sweater. There are brands that come with clothes made for French Bulldogs because their structure may not get good fits with regular dog clothing.

Do not leave them unattended near water

French Bulldogs should never be left unattended near pools and on the beaches because they are not good swimmers. If you do want to take your pet along for a dip, make sure that it wears its life jacket and you are always there with it.

Make sure that you know this checklist inside out of you own a French bulldog or are planning to adopt one. Follow it and make your pet parenting journey smooth and easy!

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