You have an illness, and you need some type of support where you can get help when you need it. That is where a service animal comes in. You already have a dog that is not aggressive, and you do not want to file paperwork to try to get another just for medical purposes. The best way to deal with is to train your dog on how to be alert when you need him to be. It is simple training that doesn’t cost much, and your doggy will be even more loyal to you now than ever before. This will make for a tighter bond.

The Training

You are going to have to find any Service Dog School that will help get your dog ready for this type of work. He already comes and lays on you when you are sad, so that is a sign that he is trainable. There are schools out there that will get him into the mode he should be in to detect when you have your seizures, and he will learn how to respond when that happens. Your dog loves you and you know that he will be there when things get rough. So you do not have to worry as to whether he will take to the training. No, he will be just fine. Another aspect of the training is not to let other people touch him while he is on duty. He cannot be distracted while watching you for warning signs. He needs to be alert at all times, and you need to let people know not to pet him while he is taking care of you. As a matter of fact, it would be best not to even let them pet him whether he is on duty or not because he will always be around you and alert to your needs.

The Laws

There are laws governing the use of service animals. When you are out and about, you need to make sure you keep paperwork on him to let everyone know that he is a service animal. There are special work vests that they wear, and he should have that on. If you need accommodations, you should let people know so that they can make provision for you and your service dog. When boarding a plane, you must let the appropriate people know what’s going on so that they can help you out. It is crucial that all rules are followed, or your dog will not be able to go with you. There are laws in place to protect you. In some instances, no one is really allowed to question whether your dog is a service animal or talk to you about your disability for having one. As long as you follow the proper procedures in the places where it counts, you should be fine.

Training your dog to be a service animal is the best decision to make. You won’t regret it. Contact a trainer now to get things started.

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