Thomas O’Banion, head of marketing of First Orion, discusses why  companies need more than multi-million-dollar marketing and advertising campaigns today. Also, to boost return on investment, companies must leverage advanced branded communication technologies – such as branded calling – to elevate total experience (TX) strategies and drive long-term sales growth.

This year, companies paid $7 million to air a 30-second-long commercial during the Super Bowl LVI broadcast. While these ads capture the attention of a large viewing audience each year, to effectively capitalize on advertising campaigns like this, brands today need to elevate their total experience (TX) approach. 

To support marketing and advertising campaigns and achieve more ROI from these efforts, companies are turning to branded communication technologies such as branded calling that address the TX. Branded calling solutions allow enterprises to display their name, logo, and reason for calling on the call recipient’s mobile device, helping companies deliver outstanding customer and employee experiences.

What Is Total Experience?

In today’s experience economy, it is no surprise that enterprises are increasingly adopting technologies designed to enable total experience. Gartner definesOpens a new window