Shedding is as common to animals as hair fall is to humans. But like over hair fall, over shedding is something a pet owner must take care off. Shedding is a natural process for furry pets to renew their coat, but excessive shedding can trouble their owners. As per specialists at veterinary clinic Virginia Beach, animals require a thick layer of fur to keep their body warm in the winter. During springtime, the animals start shedding their fur to control their body heat.

As a pet owner, who adores pet but loathe the idea of loose fur all around the couch and bed, there are plenty of ways you can to control pet shedding. Let’s look at some of these ways:

Good Brushing:  

The most effective way to reduce shedding in furry pets is regular brushing. Depending on the texture, length, and shedding condition, brushes their coat 3-4 times a week. Virginia Beach vet hospital doctors recommend daily brushing as it removes broken and loose hair and helps in circulating natural oil to the skin and hair.

Regular Baths:

Giving your pet a good bath once a month or as per the need is essential as it helps in removing dirt and debris stuck in the body. For better result and effect, use mild shampoos made especially for pets.

Good Nutrition:  

Dietary supplements can help keep excessive shedding in check. Protein-rich diet makes fur strong and smooth, preventing shedding due to brittle and loose hair. Omega-3 vitamin works wonder in improving pet’s coat. So, the next time you are feeding them add a spoon or two of olive oil or flaxseed oil to their food.

Skin Care:

Itchy or irritated skin could be a possible cause for excessive scratching and shedding of fur in animals. If your pet is suffering from any skin related issues, it is essential to consult a veterinarian. Your vet may prescribe your pet a special diet for more healthy and supple skin. Flea and ticks may also be the cause for the itch in pets, therefore take extra precautions to deal with these nasty pests.

Proper Hydration:

To prevent excessive shedding, it is essential to keep the pet hydrated. Dehydration can turn a pet’s skin brittle and susceptible to breakage. To ensure your pet stays hydrated throughout the day, keep their water bowls filled with fresh, clean water. Adding wet food to their diet also helps in keeping their body hydrated.

Clean Up:  

As a pet owner, you must understand that shedding is natural to happen, and it can only be minimized and not eliminated. To prevent hair from shedding everywhere, cover your furniture with blankets or sheets, and wash it regularly.

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