Horses are just like any other pet people keep and take care of. Owners of these animals know for love that cat and dog owners are not aware of. These species are bigger than other regular pet, but that only means the love and the cuddling is twice as bigger and better.

These pet owners are trying to do the best for their loved ones just like everyone else. They feed them with the best possible food, they try to keep them healthy, and happy. However, from time to time, there’s a need for some extra care and traditional methods don’t work.

If the horse is not happy in general, no matter the reason behind it, the solution might be simpler than one might think. PEMF treatment or therapy is now a well-known method for treating both humans and animals.

It is FDA-approved and there are no known side effects, which means that it is entirely safe for use, and there’s nothing to worry about from a health aspect. The benefits are many, and that exactly what we’re going to talk about in this article. Read on if you want to know more about PEMF therapy, and learn everything about it.

What is PEMF?

The term stands for Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field. It is a stimulation that is transferred through special devices and creates a low magnetic field around particular places. This technology has been used on humans for decades and is now available for pets too.

It is painless, and there’s no sensation whatsoever that is uncomfortable. The animal can simply stay inside the fence eating their favorite food, and the device will do the job without them feeling anything particular.

The benefit is that the low-frequency magnetic waves will treat the animal patient and help them with what is needed. Learn more about it on this link.

Pain relieve

More often than not, horses get injured because of their wild side. They love running and jumping around, so they often step on something or tear a muscle. This is entirely normal in the life of horses, and in normal situations, they’ll just be less active until the pain goes away and the injury heals.

However, during this time, the animal won’t be happy. They’ll be sad and without will. No one wants to see them sad, so it’s normal to look for a suitable solution. PEMF therapy is excellent for reducing pain. The magnetic force manages to treat the inside organs and help the nervous system do a better job, thus, relieving the pain.

So, if the pain should normally go away in two months and the injury fully recovers, the horse will get back in their usual for three weeks if they receive the right level of PEMF therapy. What is sure is that during the process, their pain will be lower than usual.

Stress relieve

Sometimes we need to transport our pet from one place to another or clean the stables, or another horse comes in on the field. All these things are enough for horses to become stressed and nervous. Their anxiety can go on for days which is why we as owners need to do something about it.

What we can do is provide a few days of PEMF therapy. That will simply calm the animal down, make them feel more relaxed, and accept changes easily. Just like humans, we are often anxious about some things that we can’t control. Having some therapy to help is highly recommended and beneficial.

Sleep improvement

Just like everyone else in the world, sleep makes you feel better and have the energy to do stuff during the day. This is why every living being deserves a good night’s sleep and to be as healthy as possible.

If you notice that they are not getting the best time sleeping, then using PEMF on horses is highly recommended. The treatment will make them get a good night’s sleep and they’ll wake up fresh in the morning, ready for action.

This is especially important for all horses that are part of the races. It is scientifically proven that our muscles, and so are those of animals, won’t work with full capacity unless we have gotten a good night’s sleep. At least eight hours per day for humans, and around three hours of deep REM-phase sleep for horses is just enough.

Noticing your pet not sleeping enough or wakes up then falls back to sleep again, then you should get them the PEMF therapy and see how they get relaxed and enjoy their sleeping time. After it, they’ll be happier, will communicate with you better, will follow orders, and be the best version of themselves.

Improves immunity and prevents injuries

Another great thing that is highly beneficial is the improvement of immunity and the prevention of injuries. How? By simply working around the nervous system and making it work with 100{7c740f46e60d719d2f872e1585fe7de63d929a9211aa397f630dbd0c7baa102e} capacity.

When muscles get damaged, bones get broken, or other injuries occur, our body wasn’t ready to face the challenges. It is the same with horses. We need to be fully prepared for anything that comes our way. That means providing the therapy we’re talking about will prepare our bodies and make them as durable as possible.

Our muscles will be 100{7c740f46e60d719d2f872e1585fe7de63d929a9211aa397f630dbd0c7baa102e} strong, and nothing will manage to tear them or break them. The horse can jump and run on any kind of surface. Wild horses that often move on unpredictable terrain are completely healthy as they train their muscles and tendons.

Domestic horses have no obstacles of this kind, so anything that is out of the ordinary may pose a problem. With PEMF therapy, they will always be ready for anything that comes their way. See more about horse immunity here:


Now you know everything about using this technology for horses. If you have dog pets, then going with this option is a must if you want to see them healthy, strong, and happy. Feel free to try it and then compare how they were with how they are after the treatment.

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