We want to have pets like dogs around because they are the best buddies that we can have, especially when we are living alone or enjoy staying home in our free time. Indeed one of the most favorite dogs that many pet lovers would love to own is an English Bulldogs because of their amazing breed and friendly mood. I guess you know well what it’s always good to look for best english bulldog toys to keep them active and having fun at the same time. It’s important that you know your responsibility by providing their daily needs and one of these is to bring them outdoors for suitable exercises or activities.

Your home buddy will not only stay indoors to sleep or eat so you must learn to play with him outdoors because this is also a good way to tame and have bonding together. But before doing anything, you first need to be aware of what this breed is and find out everything about their likes if you want him to be loyal and stay happy with you. Keep in mind that these animals have feelings, too, and they will know if their owner is glad to have them at home so we should not let them feel that they are not wanted.

Well, you adopted this dog and willingly took him home so pretty sure that you are one of the million pet lovers in the whole world, who will do his best to raise him like a family member or a friend. They are usually treated special so you have to understand what this breed wants to have fun and when to stop because that is also your responsibility as their owner. If they need a toy clothing, bed, diaper, and food, then you have to provide these not out of your obligation but because you accepted him as a part of your life – visit https://www.thesprucepets.com/your-dogs-basic-needs-1117433 to learn more about his needs.

About this Breed

English Bulldogs are a friendly yet courageous and dignified type of dog breed that is usually muscled, low-slung, or thick-set bruisers whose face looks like a sour mug. What makes them more lovable is their looks because their head has loose skin, jaws are undershot with the sides having chops, the nose is pushed-in, brows are furrowed, and gait is rolled. A male breed may weigh up to 50 pounds, while 40 pounds for a female and they grow up to 15 inches only which I guess is one of their charms.

They are ideal companions because they can easily adapt to different locations. This means that they may also come when you want to travel. Pretty sure that these dogs will be loyal to their owners so you must treat them right.

What to Consider when Choosing Toys

Always remember that these pets are short and so with their muzzles so it can be quite difficult to grab or hold something that other breeds can easily do. This only shows that toys can be tricky when it comes to English Bulldogs so consider their shape, length, and size before buying one. Even picking up things can be challenging since their teeth is usually crowded so there isn’t much space around the jaw – go here for more details on their teeth.

Due to these grown teeth, they may also experience difficulties in breathing which can lead to health issues in the future so they should not be playing or chewing bulky or spacious stuff. Their face is flat so airflow or breathing is a great factor to consider and that is what we need to remember when buying toys. This stuff has to be specifically made for English Bulldogs to prevent health or emotional issues but aside from toys, you can still do other fun things with your dog outdoors.


You will not just let your small buddy walk around because you can simply find a spot or even a space in your backyard to play a fetching game. Let’s assume that this is not simply a fun game but also a form of training or exercise. You can prepare a toy or stick that their jaws or mouth can pick up and this stuff should not be too soft or hard.

Simply throw this stuff and let him find it but keep in mind that you should not throw it too far because he will surely run towards it. When he returned with the stuff, you can pay him a small reward, give him a tap, say nice words to make him proud, or a cuddle because this short break will allow him to regain energy and normalize breathing.


All pets need to stay outdoors for a walk so you can take this opportunity to meet other owners who walk their fur babies, too. Let’s say that through brief walking exercise, they can experience fresh air and that is good for their health. When you do this every day, your dog will be familiarized with the place and the people around you.

Let’s say that you and your buddy are bonding together which makes this now a part of your usual routine or a new lifestyle as well. It would be great to talk to your companion, too, even when they just respond through barking or looking at you and that means they understand well.


It would be an excellent and fun activity to swim and play with toys like balls. You do not need to find a lake, river, or ocean for this because you can always use inflatable pools just like what your kids use when they want to play water. Remember that they are short and small in size so setting this up won’t take so much of your time.

Some dogs don’t like to swim but you can train them because this activity is not just for fun but it is also a good breathing exercise so it would be good for their health. Sometimes they just want to wet their paws, sink their bodies, or simply pick unsinkable toys or stuff on the water. Let them do things that they enjoy most in the pool so that they won’t fear water.

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