The “Marathon Kitten” has found his forever home!

After being rescued on Sunday, the new Chicago resident, Casper the Kitten, has received a clean bill of health and is excelling in his new home.

The 7-week-old kitten was saved by Boston resident Sarah Bohan during the Chicago Marathon after the marathoner spotted a “white fluffy thing” on the sidelines of the race.

Dr. Emily Yacker, the PAWS Chicago medical director, shared the kitten passed his latest comprehensive medical exam and was given preventive care, which included receiving a microchip, vaccines, and preventative flea and tick treatments.

asper the “Marathon Kitten” at PAWS Chicago.

Colleen Barkley/PAWS Chicago

The 1 lb. 12 oz. kitten was regarded as a “fighter” by Dr. Yacker. The veterinarian added, “He’s very interactive and wants to give you kisses. And he really hit the jackpot in terms of finding a family.”

While the slightly underweight kitten received his first visit to the vet, he’s set to return in two weeks for further vaccines, treatments, and his neuter procedure, explained Dr. Yacker.

As for Casper’s new family, he is now a part of the Maldonado family, who opened their arms to the kitten as Bohan walked with the kitten on the marathon route.

Sarah Bohan, the marathon runner who rescued a kitten during the race with the kitten’s new owner Andrea Maldonado.

PAWS Chicago

Bohan first spotted Casper at mile 21, and she was quickly joined by a fellow runner, Gia Nigro, and the two proceeded to ask marathon viewers if anyone would take care of the kitten. By mile 22,  Andrea Maldonado and her family volunteered to take care of Casper.

“We were on the sidelines having fun and all of a sudden this girl came up to me with a kitten. We love pets – I have two cats and a dog already – so I said, ‘OK, what’s one more?’ ” said Andrea. 

“I must have asked them about five times to confirm that they would care and love this cat,” Bohan exclusively told PEOPLE. “I was committed to making sure that this little baby would be okay, and I wasn’t just going to give it to anyone.”

Casper the “Marathon Kitten” at PAWS Chicago with the Maldonado family.

Colleen Barkley/PAWS Chicago

As the Maldonado family welcomed the kitten into their family, their identities were unknown to the runner who shared the story with PAWS Chicago. Ahead of the marathon, Bohan pledged her run was in support of the city’s no-kill shelter.

The shelter then shared the story on Instagram, announcing that the “kind samaritan” who took in the kitten could receive a free vet check at PAWS.

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The Maldonado family was then identified and brought Casper for his vet check — they also shared that their older cat had also been treated at the animal shelter.

Andrea shared that the Maldonado family and Casper quickly bonded, and as the family debated names they settled on Casper because the tiny white cat’s fur also features a couple of black spots on the back of his head, said Andrea.

She added, “We got him home and our family loves him and our dog loves him – they’re already best friends. We’re going to give him a good home.”

Casper the “Marathon Kitten” at PAWS Chicago.

Colleen Barkley/PAWS Chicago


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