Butte County’s vibrant arts and entertainment offerings are set to gain a new spotlight, thanks to a weekly column penned by a local theater enthusiast and recent star of ‘Fiddler On the Roof.’ This column aims to shine a light on the rich cultural tapestry of the area, covering theater, art, music, and comedy events that promise to enliven the community’s spirit and engagement.

Spotlight on Upcoming Events

Among the highlights in the column’s forecast are the eagerly anticipated Neil Simon’s ‘Fools’ at the Birdcage Theater, promising laughter and reflection. Additionally, a weekend of free admission at local museums and galleries, courtesy of Explore Butte County, offers a perfect family outing opportunity. Music lovers have something to look forward to with the Decades band rocking the stage at Feather Falls Brewing Co., while the Butte Baroque Spring Concert at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church promises a mesmerizing auditory experience. For those who enjoy a good laugh, a comedy night at Mulberry Station Brewing Co. is sure to tickle your funny bone.

Deep Dive into Local Culture

The columnist’s involvement in ‘Fiddler On the Roof’ at the Chico Theater Company not only adds a personal touch but also reflects a deep commitment to fostering and highlighting local talent. This new initiative is not just about listing events; it’s about creating a narrative that weaves through the various strands of Butte County’s cultural fabric. From theater productions to art exhibitions and musical performances, the column aims to be a comprehensive guide that encourages locals and visitors alike to explore and participate in the county’s thriving arts scene.

Future Endeavors and Community Engagement

Looking ahead, the column also promises to venture into the realm of cinema, with Oscar predictions and movie reviews in the pipeline. This expansion signifies a broadening of scope, making the column a one-stop destination for all things entertainment in Butte County. The underlying goal is to bolster community participation and pride in the local arts scene, fostering a greater appreciation and support for artists and performers across various disciplines.

As Butte County’s arts and entertainment scene continues to flourish, this new weekly column stands as a beacon of support and celebration. By spotlighting the diverse and rich cultural offerings, it not only informs the community but also invites active participation and engagement. This initiative promises to strengthen the bonds within the community, further establishing Butte County as a vibrant hub for arts and entertainment.


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