It’s a well-worn phrase, for sure, but “out of the box” these days generally means, among other things, “in a new and different way,” “thinking creatively” or “new and unusual.”

And that’s the idea underscoring a new exhibit by the Fairfield-Suisun City Visual Arts Association at the Solano Town Center Gallery.

Saying the curated show represents the show’s theme, Dennis Ariza, the association president, said in a press statement that the artists “may have thought outside the box from their usual process for making art or pushed their imagination to depict their subject in a different light altogether.”

The show continues through November at the Fairfield gallery, outside of Macy’s (second floor next to the AT&T store), in the 1508-B Travis Blvd. shopping center.

Ariza said a welcome reception will be from 4 to 6 p.m. on Saturday to showcase the artists and their works.

At the reception, FSVAA members also will express their creativity from the visual to literary by writing and reading poems about pieces of art that resonate with them, he said, adding that there will be appetizers, beverages, and even a glass of wine from a gallery supporter, Back Road Vines Winery.

Each FSVAA show also features several works by a “spotlight artist,” and, for this exhibit, it is Xioneida Ruiz. (Her first name is pronounced “ZIN-ida.”)

“She is an emerging artist who began her journey with acrylic paints during the recent pandemic,” Ariza noted in the prepared statement. “Though she initially started sharing her work with family and friends in 2021, she can already be found on social media with a strong following. With her confidence and skill, she considers herself an up-and-coming artist.”

She joined FSVAA to connect with the local art community “and has found the immersion encouraging, especially with participation in FSVAA-sponsored events,” he continued. “She feels confident with enhancing her skills and building a portfolio to bring her vibrant art to on our local community and beyond.”

Ruiz, explained Ariza, was born and raised in Panamá, “surrounded by bright colors and she brings that culture and palette to her work for us to appreciate.”

As she networks across communities to showcase her work, she also shows her art at her home, by appointment only. She also can be found on Instagram, at “Xioneida art.” For those interested, she also will be on hand in a pop-up booth at the next FSVAA event on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.

Said Ruiz: “I feel incredibly blessed to have discovered my passion for creating beautiful art. Art makes me feel alive and I am humbled and proud at the same time to be able to share my creations with everyone, with the hope that it brings them as much joy as it does me.”


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