Valentine’s Day is a celebration of all kinds of love: romantic, platonic, and familial.

The Nebraska Humane Society is taking that celebration to new heights, with a donation-based Valentine made specifically for someone you hate.

The animal shelter designed a Valentine’s Day doggie bag to let your ex know how you really feel.

The Nebraska Humane Society has a plan to help you “Dump your ex, again,” and this time, for a good cause. 

After donating $15 to the organization, the Humane Society will write any name you want on a doggie bag, then use it to clean up after their doggos do their business. 

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High-rollers and true haters can donate $100 to the shelter. That generous donation awards you unlimited names written onto a trash bag, which the Humane Society will use “in the poop collection cans in our play yard.”

“Once our pups do their thing, we’ll do ours, and send that [expletive] to the dump!” They exclaimed on their Instagram post.

However, the Nebraska Humane Society does have standards. They explained their limits, saying, “We won’t, however, light the bag on fire and leave it on your ex’s porch. That would just be unprofessional.”

Animal Shelter Designs A Valentine's Day Doggie Bag To Let Your Ex Know How You Really FeelPhoto: Pixabay / Pexels 

They proclaimed that their poop-bag-centered Valentine’s Day celebration is a way to “Turn your pettiness into a positive,” by helping animals in need and letting scorned lovers release some of their pent-up anger.


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