When you make that oh so wonderful decision to expand your family by adopting a pet you’ll want to make sure that you have all the right supplies. Just like you wouldn’t want to have a baby without making sure to have a car seat to bring them home in, you don’t want to bring home your new family member only to realize that you’re going to have to leave them at home in order to get the needed supplies. You might think that the best place to start would be a pet store and for sure they can give you a lot of knowledge but a whole store dedicated to pet supplies could be a little overwhelming to a new pet owner. Make sure you have everything on this list of must-haves and you should be all set to bring home the new family member!


  1. Food
    Just like a human, one of a pet’s most basic needs is food! You want to make sure that you have the right kind of food for the pet you have. If you are bringing home a puppy it is important that you buy puppy food and not regular dog food. Food made for very young pets has all the nutrients needed for their developing bodies. Certain breeds of dogs tend to have sensitivities to grains so research and find out if you’ll be needing to buy a grain free food for your pet. If you’re bringing home a rodent, reptile, or fish it should be pretty easy to find the food that you need.
  2. Place to Sleep
    If you’re bringing home a dog or cat don’t expect your new friend to just sleep on the floor. They are going to be missing the comforts of their previous home and they will need something that feels comforting to them. You’re probably going to want to find some cheap blankets from a place like Walmart in case they get soiled or ripped up while your new pet is dealing with new home anxiety. Make sure for new puppies that you also have toys that are for chewing on as they will need these for teething as well as calming them down.
  3. Cleaning Products
    There is no doubt that if you are bringing home a new pet there will be messes! You will want to make sure that you have cleaning products that are pet safe and made specifically for pet messes. You can find a great selection of products like this if you shop at Bed Bath & Beyond and if you check out this Groupon page you can even find awesome deals including coupons and promos. One of the best things about shopping here is that there is almost always a 20{6469564353599036409e53639a80abec486700b6b632a5fcdad86ab404a6cc49} off coupon that can be used on your purchase!

If you’re properly prepared for this new addition it is sure to bring you and your family so much fun and joy. Pets love like nothing else and you can’t duplicate their love any other way! Be sure to enjoy this new journey and give your new friend all the love and dedication they deserve!

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