All animals deserve love and affection. Unfortunately, some receive the exact opposite.

It often falls on shelter workers to show these animals their first bit of real kindness. This was true for one dog who made her way to an animal shelter that was visited by Rocky Kanaka.

An abandoned German shepherd was called a ‘good girl’ for the first time by an animal shelter worker.

Rocky Kanaka is an actor who works with many charitable endeavors involving animals and animal shelters. His YouTube series “Sitting with Dogs” features him spending time with animals in shelters to raise money to help care for them and bring awareness to the need for pet adoption.

Kanaka recently visited a shelter that had just taken in an abandoned German shepherd. He helped one of the shelter’s employees, Mel, care for the dog. He filmed Mel giving the dog her first bath in a long time.

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“She’s so thin,” Mel observed with dismay as she took in the dog’s bony frame.

Kanaka lifted the dog into a tub where Mel set to work bathing her. “You can tell she’s a little bit nervous about this, but she’s so sweet,” he said. “She didn’t put up a fight at all.”

During her bath, Mel noted that the dogs’ ears had been attacked and infected by flies. She also had sores on her legs and her fur stood on end, a sign of dehydration.

Mel took loving care of the dog as she cleaned her. She gently rubbed special medicated lotion into her fur and took extra time to make sure the dog was comfortable. “It is no wonder these dogs just fall in love with Mel whenever they come through here because she grooms them with so much love and care,” Kanaka remarked.

Abandoned dog told she is a good girl for the first timePhoto: Kosheleva_Kristina  / Canva Pro


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