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8 Proven Tips to Keep your Dog Healthy

We love our dogs and we want them to live a long, healthy life. However, despite our love for them, as life happens, we forget to take them for regular wellness check-ups that are the key to their health. But it is time to change that and make decisions that will help our pups live longer.

Here are some important tips to enhance your pet’s vitality and make them stronger.

  1. Give your dogs nutritious food

Nutrition is not just for us, but also for the dogs to stay fit and energetic and help them lead a healthy life. Dogs need high protein diet comprising of chicken and eggs that can help them stay strong and also build their muscles. Fruits and vegetables are also a good source of essential minerals and vitamins that strengthen their immune system. If you want to give your dog optimum health, then choose high-quality nutritious food.

  1. Control Obesity

Yes, that is not just true for humans but your dogs as well. Obesity in dogs can lead to heart diseases, ligament issues, and skin irritation. An overweight dog becomes sluggish and vulnerable to many diseases. Overfeeding your pets can also lead to an early death caused due to excess fat. A healthy weight is important not just for vitality but also for the overall well being of your canines.

  1. Make them Exercise

Exercise is necessary to torch the calories and to enhance their metabolic rate that continues to burn fat even when the dog is resting. Regular exercise is also important for strengthening their bones and muscles. Needless to say, when you exercise with your dog, it gives you quality time to bond with them and also enjoy outdoors together.

  1. Give Your Dogs Proper Dental Care

With proper dental care, you can ensure your dog’s wellbeing and enhance their health. If you notice that your dog’s breath is exceedingly foul, then it is a sign of a problem. Anytime you see something off with your pet, be it their breath or other behaviors, you should report to the vet immediately. Ideally, your dog’s gums should be a healthy pink color and their teeth white. There shouldn’t be any brown tartar buildup that indicates poor oral care. Use a specialized dog toothbrush to clean their teeth two-three times a week and massage its gums as a part of regular dental care routine. You should also get them checked by a professional vet regularly to ensure that their teeth are in top condition.

  1. Groom your Dog

Regular brushing is a good practice to remove the dog’s dead hair and also stimulate the distribution of natural oils through their coat. It is also a great opportunity to scan your pet’s body for any abnormalities. Expert pet care websites such as VetIQ recommend you to groom your dog on a regular basis to check for warning signs if any. Brush your pet every once in a while to make them habitual of this practice.

  1. Bathe Your Dog Regularly

As a part of regular grooming, you should bathe your dog from time to time. However, bathing frequently can also impact your dog’s skin, stripping it of its natural oils. Bathing should be done once in every two-four months, provided that you are brushing your dog regularly. At the same time, you should also use a shampoo that is particularly used for dogs. Use lukewarm water for washing and remove all soap residue from its coat.

  1. Nails & Ears

For some reason, many dog owners are scared of clipping their dog’s nails. However, remember that overgrown nails can make your pets uncomfortable. Listen for the clicking sound as your dog walks on the floor. It is a sign of overgrown nails that need to be trimmed. For clipping dog nails, buy a specific clipper for pets and avoid cutting too close to the skin. Once you are done with the nails, give your dog’s ears a good cleaning to prevent ear infections. Look closely for fleas or ticks outside their ears. Take a cotton ball and ear cleaning solution to wipe the grime from inside. Never use a Q-tip to clean and go only as far down as your finger can go without forcing.

Grooming and nutrition aside, the best way to ensure your dog’s physical and emotional wellbeing is by spending quality time and nurturing them. You can really extend their lives by feeding them with quality food. Use these tips to ensure your dog’s proper health.

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