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The 4 Warnings Signs of Illness Among Dogs

We love our furry pets and want them to stick around in the family for as many years possible. One way for us to be around longer is by seeking immediate medical help when we feel sick. Of course, dogs it is not constantly that simple for dogs to advise us of their illnesses.

So here’s a few things that will give you an idea that your dog probably does not feel very well.

Strange actions and movement

You probably recognize how your pet normally behaves by now. So any change in behavior should not be that difficult to spot – and you should not dismiss any behavior that seems out of the ordinary. If they suddenly feel tired, less playful, more aggressive, or clumsier, then you will have to consider that something might be wrong. Slow or rigid action can also give you a good indication of an issue.

Awful breath

Many dog owners are going to be pretty worried if they observe that their dog is breathing more heavily than normal — although this will be more difficult to recognize during the summer months when the temperature is more intense. When it comes to bad breath,however, most owners are more inclined to take no notice of this. Many are going to argue that the breath of dogs inherently smells bad, right? However, if you notice that your dog’s breath has become worse (or even worse than ordinary), then this may be a sign their oral well-being is not quite what it is supposed to be.

Reduced or bigger appetite

Dogs are mostly excited eaters, so a sudden decline in appetite should not be difficult to notice. A decline in appetite is possibly due to fever, pain, or stress. You definitely should visit your vet, once you observe this, particularly if it comes with loss. They might recognize the problem right away, if not perform a veterinary CT scan. Watch out for increased appetite as well, especially if your dog is now eating those food that they normally would not.

Loss of Hair

Hair loss happens to be something that may be very difficult to notice; it frequently seems that particular dogs are constantly shedding and scattering their fur pretty much all over the place! On the other hand, you will be able to identify the danger signs sooner or later if your dog loses more hair out of the ordinary. Loss of hair can signal many different issues, including fleas or parasites, a deficiency in nutrition, or a disease affecting its thyroid. However, your dog could also be pregnant (though, apparently, there are several scenarios that will enable you to cross that symptom of the list of possibilities soon enough).