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How Grooming Makes a Dog Look fabulous

It is very important to groom a dog. Grooming follows after the dog is well fed and exercised. Grooming and feeding a dog well not only promotes good health but also makes the dog look attractive. There is nothing as satisfying for a dog owner than having a very attractive dog for a pet. There are dog owners who wait for very long before they groom their dogs. This is not advisable at all. You should ensure that grooming is done very often even if it is in small bits.

How should one groom a dog? Well, the first one is brushing of the dog. Dogs have coats that should be brushed on a regular basis. The size of the coat should determine how often brushing is done. In most cases, dogs with short coats can be brushed on weekly basis. A rubber brush can be used but should be followed by bristle brush to ensure that the hair coat lies flat. For long coats, more regular and specialized brushing is important. Tangling is common on long coats hence one should use slicker brushes on them.

During brushing is also the time that one needs to check if there is manifestation of ticks on the dog’s skin. Ticks should be prevented using a good method of choice. One last thing of importance when it comes to brushing a dog’s coat is to ensure that you do not forget to brush the tail and feet. This is important since many people have been known to overlook them yet they are prime places for ticks and fleas to hide. Use methods of tick prevention for dogs to handle ticks.

One should bath a dog at regular intervals. The frequency of bathing a dog depends on factors such as weather conditions and activities that the dog is involved in. Use lukewarm water to bath the dog after brushing the coat. Special dog shampoo should be used all the way so as to reduce irritation of the skin. The dog can be well distracted using toys for easy bathing. Proper rinsing helps to avoid irritation. One can also dry the dog using low heat blow dryers. Check for infections in ears during the bathing stage.

Nail trimming is another grooming step that people ignore. Nail trimming can be done weekly or when the nails grow too long. Most dogs hate nail cutting processes hence the need to give them treats each time you do it. Application of gentle force when holding the foot to cut nails is important. Ensure to cut a small part of the nail only and stop if you notice you have cut a spongy part. Accidental cuts require the use of nail cauterizers or styptic powder to stop bleeding. Dogs which are groomed following the steps above are usually very healthy, always happy and attractive to general public.