The 4 Most Effective Search Engine Optimization Strategies for 2017

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Digital marketing is no different in concept than any other form of marketing. If you open your business and do no marketing, but rely upon customers finding you on their own, you probably won’t be in business very long. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) let’s online prospects know you’re in business, what you offer and encourages them to visit your website.

SEO – Giving Google What They Want

Search engines have become increasingly sophisticated at determining the best responses to search queries and Google is the big dog in the room. Well-done SEO will make your website stand out when Google is ranking websites in response to search keywords. It’s good business to do as much as you can to give Google what they want.

2017’s 4 Most Effective SEO Strategies

1. Mobile First

More people are searching with smartphones and tablets than on desktop computers and this trend continues. Google rewards websites optimized for mobile search. They have been primarily using their mobile website index since November 2016 when ranking websites. In order to compete effectively online, your website must display and function properly on all mobile devices.

2. Links and Content

Links are one of the primary ranking factors, but they must be the right links. Intentional link building is an important SEO strategy. However, high quality content is even more important. Links won’t help poor content to rank higher. However, when a website has high quality, relevant and useful content, quality links boost the website’s ranking.

3. Voice Search is Trending Up

Every day more consumers are using voice search instead of typing. This means that keywords must be optimized to reflect spoken questions, often beginning with “who,” “where” and similar words. When speech recognition accuracy is at 99{6469564353599036409e53639a80abec486700b6b632a5fcdad86ab404a6cc49} in the not-too-distant future, it will be a game-changer. Websites are being optimized for this important development now.

4. Optimize for Rich Answers

Ever noticed the information in a box near the top of the page after a web search? That’s a rich answer or featured snippet – the content Google believes represents the best answer to the search query. These get far more than their share of clicks and content should be optimized accordingly.

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