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Immediate Care Services

Urgent care is a clinic where injured patients that need immediate medical care are treated. The clinics offer services at a bit lower prices. When an injury happens to you, you need medical attention within twenty-four hours. Urgent care clinic is separate from the hospital even if they are in the same location. Patients who go to the urgent care clinic have a regular physician but can’t see them on that day. This type of clinic acts as a bridge between the physician and the emergency room. If you have a less severe cases can be treated in the immediate care centers.

Urgent care clinics are less expensive, and are preferred by most insurance companies for their clients. Seriously ill patients can be stabilized at the immediate care clinics before they go to the emergency room. You have to wait for the first patients in the clinic to be treated before the physician can see you. The level of the immediate care center will determine the kind of treatment you will receive. If your conditions worsens, you are then transferred to the emergency room. The urgent care performs some medical testing and imaging like ultrasounds and x-rays to diagnose a patient. You can be followed up by your physician after you have been treated in the immediate care center.

The advantage of urgent care clinic is that you get immediate services saving you from danger. You also don’t have appointments when you go to urgent care clinics. Most of these clinics have flexible working hours, and they are open most days. The cost of treatment in the urgent care clinics is low. These centers are equipped with qualified staff to treat their clients properly and as fast as possible.

Severe conditions should not be referred to the immediate care centers. Instead, call 911 immediately for the case to be handled in the emergency room. Since you normally don’t attend a specific urgent care center, you should carry your medical records for better treatment when you visit one.

The location of the clinic will affect you treatment bill. If it is not located within the same location within the hospital, the bill might go up as they need to pay the monthly rent. Both the insurance cover and the type you service you get at the urgent care clinic dictates the amount you will pay.

Different centers have different quality of services. Therefore, it is crucial to research a good and most reputable clinic in order to get quality services.

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