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Tips on How to Handle Fleas on your Pet Dogs Every dog owner out there knows for a fact that fleas will always come and wreak havoc to pets during the summer months. Though fleas tend to go away or maybe die on their own as soon as the temperature and humidity levels go down, you still need to attend to your pet dog and treat the infestation since ignoring it completely will result to inflammation, skin infections, itching, and hair loss. Be reminded that combating flea infestation in your dogs is easy and doable if you act on it fast. The good news for you is that unlike before, there now are various solutions you can choose based on what suits your situation best. 1 – Chemical removal option.
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Because fleas have been around for hundreds, even thousands of years, they already have developed some kind of persistence and have successfully adapted to changing environments, causing them to be quite durable and difficult to kill. With this in mind, you should abandon your perception that you can kill them in one instance.
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However, you can still get rid of them fleas in the quickest manner possible by using chemical treatments. Anyhow, we believe that you first should consult a pet doctor or anyone who is an expert in animal treatment and health to figure out or learn more if the chemical treatment you are planning to purchase and use is indeed safe for your dog. 2 – Natural flea removal options. But for those who aren’t sold on the idea of using chemicals to treat fleas on their pet dogs, the best available alternative is to use natural methods. This starts with the use of soap and shampoos that can be bought easily in stores. Don’t forget to ask about a soap and shampoo variety that contains natural ingredients for killing fleas and preventing them from coming back to your dog. For dog shampoos to be effective, be sure you lather up your dog with it for at least five minutes in order for the solution to sink in. 3 – Prescription flea medication. But if your flea problem at home has become uncontrollable and so massive, the only solution left for you is to get prescription flea medications. Luckily for you, there are so many different brands of prescription medicines today manufactured solely for the treatment of flea infestation in dogs, plus majority of these medicines can even work by killing all fleas present within a prescribed area or the nearby environment. There are also products that work by killing not the adult fleas but their eggs, thereby preventing them from successfully increasing in number. So there you have it – the three most commonly used treatment options against flea infestation in your dogs. You can use any of them and your choice basically depends on the actual gravity of the situation and your convenience in effectively applying the treatment.