Preparation Tips For An Open House At A Business

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If a business owner will be hosting an open house to inform community members about a line of products and services that are available, the following tips will assist with preparing for the event. As a result, people who visit the establishment will be able to navigate their way through the building and may be impressed with its organized appearance.

Custom Lanyards

Lanyards are pieces of fabric that can be worn or hung from a sturdy object. Lanyards can be made out of one or several colors of material. A business owner can order lanyards that have their business name and address printed on them. An employee can secure an identification card to a lanyard, allowing people to greet newcomers by name. During an open house, individuals who stop by will be aware of who works for a company as soon as they spot a lanyard. Lanyards can also be used after an open house to hold employees key cards or identification cards.


Tables that are set up inside of a business can be used to hold demonstrations of how products work. A banner or vinyl sign can be hung from the front of each table to identify the type of product that will be shown and to attract attention. Folding chairs can be set up in rows in front of the tables, allowing individuals to sit down and relax while they are watching each presentation. During the time that products are shown, each employee that is participating can wear their lanyard so that audience members can call them by name if they have a question.

Promotional Items

A box that is filled with promotional items can be set near an exit, providing visitors with the opportunity to take the items that they prefer before they leave a business. Calendars, magnets, pens and rulers are some items that can have a business name and address printed on them. Once people receive small gifts, they may be reminded about a particular business when they use the items that they were given. When this occurs, they may be encouraged to stop by a business in the future.