Keeping Dogs Safe in Kansas City

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Dogs are excellent pets and a big responsibility for owners. Dogs are energetic, curious, and playful. Those qualities can sometimes be dangerous. Cleaning supplies under the sink, skunks in the yard, traffic, and mean neighbors can be harmful to a dog.

Obeying commands, behavior modification, and owners who reinforce training will keep dogs safe in Kansas City. Professional training is available in different formats to accommodate the needs and preferences of owners and dogs. Training is cost-effective, especially compared to emergency services from the veterinarian, replacing furniture, or funeral expenses if the animal gets hit by a truck.


Psychology, positive reinforcement, and natural approaches to training are proven effective without altering the temperament of the dog. Special considerations, such as traumatic events, past training, or the previous environment in which the dog lived, are noted and reflected in the recommended training program. Children can play with the dog, strangers can pet the animal, and the playful nature of the pet will not be destroyed.

Services Offered

A variety of classes are offered to address specific desired outcomes. Off-leash control, aggression, obedience, and puppy management are a few examples. Training a puppy can be a frustrating experience for owners who attempt to do it alone. Puppies as young as fifteen weeks can be enrolled in cost-effective classes.

In-home training is available for dealing with behavior issues in the living space. Many dog owners live in apartments in the city. Safety on the balcony, being comfortable getting in and out of an elevator, and controlling barking behavior at night are specific to apartment dwellers.

Board and Train Programs

There are advantages to sending the dog off to training camp. The atmosphere is more structured, multiple training sessions can be conducted each day, and dogs socialize with other dogs. Training is reinforced twenty-fours a day for faster results. Daily exercise, luxury kennels, climate controlled facilities, and individual attention are provided.

Two programs are offered. The three week training camp involves basic training. The boot training camp programs run for six weeks. This is recommended for aggressive or especially destructive dogs. These options include door to door transportation. All programs include lifetime support to deal with recurring or new behavior issues.