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How to Walk a Reactive Dog

Walking your dog is something that you ought to enjoy. You should be able to spend quality time with your dog, getting some fresh air and enjoying the outdoors, and of course exercising. But, not all walks are as smooth as you would want them to be. If your dog is reactive; you can expect that some walks will end up being a nightmare. There are some dog walking tricks that you can use to have a peaceful walk regardless of whether your pet has always been reactive or has started being reactive due to a recent bad experience.

Avoid Reacting
So, you are walking your dog when suddenly another dog appears from around the corner, and your calm pet turns into a snarling, growling beast. There is no way that you can for sure know how the dogs are communicating, but you can bet that they are not blowing kisses. Most dog owners will first react by panicking and especially if they have experienced such an incident in the past. If you remain calm, you can sure bet that your bet with taking it easy quickly.

Plan Ahead
If you see a dog approaching you from a distance, cross to the other side of the road so that the two dogs won’t have any contact. Most likely, you dog will still react but continue walking confidently and calmly and praise your dog if he keeps cool. If you happen to walk into a situation you were not prepared for, quickly turn back. For dogs, it is often a case of out of sight; out of mind. If you are having difficulty getting your dog to walk away, encourage him to run a little and praise him as soon as his attention is facing forward, and he’s keeping up the pace.

Sometimes, the only way that you can get your dog to calm down is by getting his focus. If you see another dog approaching, take your dog to one side and practice the lessons that you have already taught him. You can ask him to sit and stay while focusing his attention on some gift. If he is still likely to react, you might want to block your dog’s line of vision while the other dog passes.

Right Equipment
There is no point of walking a reactive dog if it is likely to break its harness. It is important that you ensure the safety of your dogs while walking them. The two hounds design dog harness is a stable lead that will make sure that your dog does not pull and will not escape quickly. It is a way of making sure that you have maximum control over your dog should the worst happen.

Know Why
You know your dog better than anybody else, which means that you are a better position of understanding his body language. By understanding the reason for your dog’s reaction, then you can better solve the problem.