How Does Chondroitin Help Rebuild Cartilage in a Dog’s Joints

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Just like with humans, a dog can begin to experience joint deterioration, especially when there is a lack of cartilage in place. This is why it is important dog owners learn all they can about chondroitin and how it and glucosamine are the building blocks of healthy cartilage growth. When the cartilage of a joint is healthy, the joint is properly lubricated, allowing for fluid movements that do not lead to discomfort.

Chondroitin and Glucosamine are Vital for Healthy Joints

Dog owners have most likely heard about the benefits of these two supplements for their own joint health. Many individuals do not realize supplementation with these two beneficial ingredients is important for dogs of all ages, even puppies. These supplements help to ensure healthy cartilage growth continues throughout life so there are no mobility concerns due to joint wear and tear.

NuVet is a pet supplement company that is committed to helping pet owners keep their furry friends healthy and happy. This is why they only use human grade ingredients in all of their products. They want pet owners to feel confident, knowing their dog is receiving the highest quality of supplement ingredients available on the market.

Chondroitin and glucosamine are considered nutraceuticals, which are foods that contain health-giving additives and are considered of medical benefit. Chondroitin and glucosamine are sourced from natural sources such as shark and cow. Although nutraceuticals take longer to offer optimal benefits, they are considered safer due to fewer side-effects than pharmaceuticals.

Don’t Wait Until a Dog Is Uncomfortable

One of the biggest mistakes dog owners make when choosing to supplement with chondroitin and glucosamine is waiting until their dog is experiencing discomfort and declines in mobility. Ideally, these supplements should be a part of a healthy regime from puppyhood, all the way into adulthood and a dog’s senior years.

Nuvet’s NuJoint formula contains a blend of beneficial ingredients to keep a dog’s joints moving freely. To learn more about Nuvet’s beneficial products, you can read Nuvet reviews here. With supplementation, you can protect your dog’s joints and keep them healthy and happy for life.