Dog Training Programs Offered in Lincoln NE

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Dog training programs are as much for safety as they are for behavior modification. The family cannot enjoy a pet if it is chewing up shoes, barking all night, or ruining the furniture and flooring. The end result of training programs in Lincoln NE will be a well-behaved dog that responds to commands and interacts appropriately with family, visitors, and guests.


Training for dogs also serves to increase their safety. Dogs that get into cabinets under the sink, for example, can ingest dangerous chemicals. The situation can make the animal sick, cause an allergic reaction, or even be fatal.

Proper training can also keep the dog safe outdoors. Quickly obeying a command to heel can prevent a dog from running out into traffic, getting into fights with aggressive stray dogs, or being tormented by ignorant bullies in the park. Upon hearing “Heel” the dog will return to the side of the owner and sit down.


Programs can range from obedience training, off-lease control, puppy management, and aggression. Day training, in-home options, and board and train programs are available to suit the need and temperament of any breed. Natural and humane methods, psychology, behavior modification, and positive reinforcement are used for all training.

Groups for classes are formed based on the breed, the make up of the family, and living environments. Special considerations are made for dogs that have had prior training, suffered any traumatic events, or are extremely timid. Puppy training can begin as early as fifteen weeks of age.

Program Options

In-home training is conducted in two separate lessons of two hours each. These are completed three weeks apart. Owners are taught skills to continue training within the home and in the community. Day classes operate on a rotating schedule.

Board and train programs include a three week basic training and a six week intensive training boot camp. Boarding facilities are world class inside and out. Luxury kennels, a HEPA air filtration system with odor controlling carbon, and a climate controlled training area will ensure dogs are comfortable.

At the end of an effective training program, owners will also be trained. Learning approaches, commands, and voice intonations used at training will reinforce behaviors taught to the dog. Pricing also includes lifetime support to refresh skills learned or address new issues.