Does A Dog Or Cat Need To Take Supplements?

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Pet owners take their responsibility for their pets’ health and wellness very seriously. As nutritional supplements are becoming more popular and trusted for human needs, many pet owners are wondering if supplements are also beneficial for their pets. Every animal is a unique individual and should be assessed by a veterinarian. But many veterinarians are recommending pet supplements, especially in certain cases.

Increased Nutritional Needs

Supplements can be very beneficial when a pet is not getting all the nutrients it needs from food. A pet may have difficulty eating for medical reasons or may simply be a very finicky eater. A pet who has been neglected may also need extra nutritional support after being rescued. In this case, a vitamin supplement can provide key nutrients the animal may be missing and support their immune system to improve their overall health.

An Energy Boost For Older Pets

Veterinarians often recommend certain supplements for older dogs and cats who are beginning to slow down. Many older pets experience discomfort and decreased mobility as they age, but ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin, and Omega-3 can support healthy joints and give an older pet renewed energy. Many pet owners have commented that their older pets seem to feel like themselves again after taking nutritional supplements. Even younger animals may benefit from these nutrients if they are natural runners who need extra joint support.

A Thicker, Healthier Coat

Supplements can also help dogs and cats look and feel their best by improving flaky skin and odor, and supporting a healthy, shiny coat. Good pet skin care starts with bathing with a gentle, oatmeal-based shampoo following by gentle brushing, both of which stimulate blood circulation under the skin. In addition, the right supplements can be an effective complement to a healthy grooming routine.

Judicious use of nutritional supplements can improve a pet’s quality of life, but it’s important to get expert advise from a veterinarian. Some pet owners make the mistake of combining supplements with prescription pet foods that contain the same ingredients, which could give the pet too high a dose of certain vitamins or other ingredients. To learn more about the benefits of supplements from one reputable manufacturer, follow Nuvet.