Benefits of Compounding for Pet Owners

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Those who have pets will admit that they are one of the greatest joys in life, however they recognize that there are some challenges involved. Giving medicine to a sick pet can be difficult and cause stress. Luckily, “Compounding for pet owners” is now available. This provides a unique solution that makes giving pets medication a much simpler process. There are several benefits to this customized approach.

Variety of Dosage Forms

Pets are large, small and everything in between. A prescription that is meant for a small breed might not work for a larger dog. A compounding pharmacist can account for this and provide a suitable dosage of the medicine for the pet that the owner is able to administer. There are even options that are chew-able, tablets that dissolve, creams, powders and pastes.


Just like the medicine that humans take, the taste can be unpleasant for animals too. By taking advantage of compounding, the medication can be flavored to cater to the pet’s appetite. They can make it resemble the taste of their favorite treat which makes it more likely that they will actually take the medicine. This not only keeps the medicine from being wasted but ensures that the pet is on the way to recovery. Also, since they will like the taste, the next dose should go smoothly, as they might consider it a treat.

Right Formulations

Pets can have adverse reactions to a medicine’s formula just like a human. If the pet is sensitive to a specific ingredient or needs a formula that is no longer available in the stores, a compounding pharmacy can create the medicine needed in the correct strength, form and flavor. It is a perfect combination.

Medicines that are Unavailable

Some medications that a pet could have used before could be out of stock or no longer made. Compounding offers a solution since medication can be tailor made. This allows veterinarians and pet owners to provide the best possible care to the animal.

Compounding is turning into an invaluable resource for those families who have a pet that requires prescription medication but isn’t receptive to traditional forms. Those that are looking for a practical solution that will have their furry friends on the path to recovery should consider a compounding pharmacy.