How to Train a Dog to Use a Dog Door

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Dogs are smart animals and some of them will start using a dog door with just a little bit of training. Here, we will tell you some methods to help you in training your doggy to use a door flap.

Calling Your Dog

If your dog is active and responds to your call by eagerly coming to you, then it would be easier to teach it some new tricks.

Position yourself on one side of the door and your doggy on the other side. Open the door flap and call your dog. Your doggy would hesitate at first, but with time it will learn the technique. You can verbally encourage your pet when it comes near the door.

Once your doggy comes through the dog door, pat and praise it. These animals love to be treated in a good way and they can easily learn what pleases their owner. Repeat the entire process by reversing your and the dog’s position.

The training session can be tiring, so make sure to take regular short breaks in between.

Use Treats

Animals and humans have the same response to treats; they love it. You can lure your dog through the door flap by using a biscuit or any other yummy treat.

First, let your doggy smell the food item and then go through the other side of the closed door. Open the door flap and keep the treat in your hand. Most probably, your dog would come through the door flap wagging its tail with excitement.

Gently Putting Your Dog through the Door Flap

You can use this method only on a doggy that is not fearful or sensitive about the dog door. Lead your dog to the door and then gently try to put it through the door flap. Then go to …

What to Know About Your Pet

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Yesterday I got home late from work and I found my cat Betsy curled up in her bed. She was laying in the exact spot I left her this morning. The past few days have been tough, trying to get her to eat, and she hasn’t touched her scratch post or mouse ball toys at all. She doesn’t feel well. When you know your animal well enough, you know when it’s time for them to see the veterinarian. Sometimes, things happen that we aren’t aware of, and either the animal tries to communicate with us or we can just see the changeup in their behavior. That’s why I think it’s important to know your pet, have a known vet on speed dial, and carry pet insurance.

Know Your Pet

I know Betsy, and I also know that this is her pattern of behavior because she has been sick before. The first time Betsy got sick, I didn’t know what to do, but I was attentive enough that I did catch the change in eating. It also helped that she was vomiting. It was also early enough that I didn’t have to take her to an overnight clinic. This time when I found Betsy I stayed up with her through the night and phoned the vet for the first appointment the next morning.

Have A Known Vet

Phil was booked up, but he’s very familiar with Betsy because I bring her in often enough to see him. She has received all of her shots and checkups, and they’ve also kept her for me once when I went out of town. Betsy feels safe with them, and that’s something I look for in my vet also. If your pet is uncomfortable, that should probably raise a flag. I could’ve called Phil the …

Simple and effective ways to steer clear of fleas

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If you are a pet owner you will understand the trouble caused by fleas. Fleas attack the pets during hot months of summer. They like hot and humid weather which is why they are found in abundance during summer. You need to ensure that your pet is treated if it is infected by the fleas. In case of ignorance, there could be a serious infection or medical conditions like anemia. There are a number of flea treatment products available in the market; however, it is important to take effective steps in order to ensure that there is a minimal chance of a flea infestation.

Here are a few tips for keeping fleas away from your pet.

  1. Keep your home clean: One of the most important things to do is to keep your surroundings clean. If you have a garbage can, ensure that it is covered. Clean your house every week and change the bed sheet often. Vacuum your home and wash the curtains and carpets. You also need to ensure that the pet’s bed is vacuumed regularly. Keeping your home clean will reduce the chances of fleas. If you have a garden, you need to mow the lawn and keep it clean at all times. In case your pet spends a lot of time outdoors, you will have to ensure that the garden area is clean and the yard is mowed regularly.
  2. Use pesticides regularly: Even if you keep your home and garden clean at all times, there is no guarantee that there will be no flea infestation. You need to use pesticides from time to time to kill away pests. Do not pick up any random pesticide from the market as it could harm the pet. Ask your vet about the best products to use and treat

Insurance: The Product You Need but Hope to Never Use

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Insurance is a very interesting product to purchase. This is because most people need insurance, be it for their business, their health, or to operate an automobile. That being said, most people hope that they will never need to use the insurance that they purchase. If you need to use insurance, it means that you’ve gone through some catastrophic event that merits the insurance company reimbursing you. The only thing that is worse than going through a catastrophic event with insurance is trying to navigate your way through it without insurance.

There are a number forms of insurance a person may need. The most common type of insurance that people have is automobile insurance. Just about every state in the United States requires drivers to have some form of liability insurance. The purpose of the insurance is not only to protect the owner of the automobile but also to provide a measure of protection for other drivers, pedestrians, and other individuals who may be negatively affected by an accident caused by the driver.

A second form of insurance that people are familiar with is health insurance. Again, health insurance is there to provide coverage in the case of the unwanted. Most people would prefer to have health insurance but never get sick and so never need to use the insurance. However, since just about everyone deals with sickness at one point or another, most people have seen for themselves the benefit of having health insurance.

These same principles apply equally to life insurance. Life insurance is something that an individual purchases because they are thinking about others. They are thinking about how they will care for their loved ones who are left behind after their death. Families who have gone through the challenging situation of losing someone can attest to …

Essential Items That Every Puppy Owner Must Have

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Welcoming a puppy into your life and your home can be an exciting experience in itself. But before you bring home your canine friend, you need to be fully ready for the matter. A puppy is not just a companion it is also a responsibility that you need to take up with utmost sincerity. The onus lies on you to make sure that your dog has a happy, healthy, and comfortable life in your home. If you are a new dog owner or looking forward to becoming one soon, here are a few essential items that you must have for your canine companion:

Dog Bed

A bed is one of the first things that your dog will need when it enters your home. You wouldn’t want your pet to begin life on an uncomfortable note at your home, would you? Opt for a cozy and warm bed where your puppy can get a sound sleep. Also, make sure that the bed you choose has a removable cover so that you can wash it easily when needed. One thing to note is that the size of the bed must be big enough for your dog to fit in nicely.

Leash and collar

You may not feel like putting a leash and a collar around your dog’s neck. But it is a necessity that you can’t possibly avoid. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for a simple collar or a fancy one. What matters is that a collar enables you to put an identification tag on your dog and make it easily identifiable. Also, the leash comes handy when you need to control your dog while out on a walk.

Bowls for water and food

Your dog will need separate bowls for having water and food. You can select from various types …

8 Tips To Keep In Mind When Feeding Your Dog

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Keeping your dog fit and healthy is something that any dog owner is naturally concerned about. And one factor that plays a major role in determining the energy and health of the dog is the food it eats. Unfortunately, many dog owners are not fully aware as to the best way to feed their pets. In this post, we will look at eight simple tips that you should keep in mind while feeding your dog.

Check The Labels

Always check the labels of the pet food before you buy them. On the outside, the cover may look well-designed and attractive enough to make you think that the product is also good for your dog. But the food itself can be unsuitable for your pet. This is why it is important that you check the labels and take a good look at the list of ingredients. Do a quick search of the major ingredients and you will get a good idea whether the particular dog food you are going to buy is harmful to your dog or not.

Controlled Feeding

You must also practice controlled feeding with regard to the dog. Controlled feeding simply means to regulate the feeding of your dog in a way that it never eats excess quantities of food and that everything it consumes provides it with all the nutrition required for the day. If you are unsure of what the right diet schedule of your dog should be, consult a veterinarian. They will diagnose the dog, consider its physical characteristics, and come up with a diet plan which will suit the animal perfectly.

Add Some Fresh Foods

When you feed the dog, it is essential that you don’t fully rely on store-bought packaged foods alone. Just as it is with human beings, eating packaged food all …

8 Proven Tips to Keep your Dog Healthy

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We love our dogs and we want them to live a long, healthy life. However, despite our love for them, as life happens, we forget to take them for regular wellness check-ups that are the key to their health. But it is time to change that and make decisions that will help our pups live longer.

Here are some important tips to enhance your pet’s vitality and make them stronger.

  1. Give your dogs nutritious food

Nutrition is not just for us, but also for the dogs to stay fit and energetic and help them lead a healthy life. Dogs need high protein diet comprising of chicken and eggs that can help them stay strong and also build their muscles. Fruits and vegetables are also a good source of essential minerals and vitamins that strengthen their immune system. If you want to give your dog optimum health, then choose high-quality nutritious food.

  1. Control Obesity

Yes, that is not just true for humans but your dogs as well. Obesity in dogs can lead to heart diseases, ligament issues, and skin irritation. An overweight dog becomes sluggish and vulnerable to many diseases. Overfeeding your pets can also lead to an early death caused due to excess fat. A healthy weight is important not just for vitality but also for the overall well being of your canines.

  1. Make them Exercise

Exercise is necessary to torch the calories and to enhance their metabolic rate that continues to burn fat even when the dog is resting. Regular exercise is also important for strengthening their bones and muscles. Needless to say, when you exercise with your dog, it gives you quality time to bond with them and also enjoy outdoors together.

  1. Give Your Dogs Proper Dental Care

With proper dental care, you can ensure your dog’s …

3 Great Interactive Ideas for Equine Loving Children

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Many young children absolutely love horses and dream of being able to play with them, own them, or ride them. For urban children, owning a horse is usually not possible. Instead, parents must find other ways to allow children to satisfy their curiosity of equines. There are many different ways to expose children to horses, with the following being some of the easiest and most affordable options.

Petting Zoos

Petting zoos frequently pop up during the warmer months, especially when local fairs, crafting events, and large conventions pop up. Petting zoos are perfect for delighting children in between many of the more adult oriented activities, such as shopping or demonstrations. Petting zoos generally offer ponies or miniature horses, goats, rabbits, rodents, and more for children to interact with. Some also offer pony rides, which is the perfect opportunity for a child to experience their first horseback ride.

Visiting Rescues

Rescues are often filled with loving horses who are in need of homes. By bringing a child to a rescue, he or she can meet many different horses, most of which will be interested in a few loving strokes by a starry eyed child. Rescues generally do not have the time or man power to invest in providing each animal with plenty of one-on-one attention. Contact local rescues to see if they are in need of any affectionate volunteers to provide the horses with love.

Attending Horse Shows

Horse shows bring together some of the best specimens of each breed, all competing for best in show or to win a particular sport. Performance horses may jump poles or speed around barrels, while dressage horses may strut around the ring looking their best. This might not be an opportunity for a child to directly interact with the horses, but it is perfect …

Pet Care Checklist For French Bulldog Owners

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French Bulldogs are amazing companion dogs and make great pets for families. They are affectionate and well-behaved, even with new people and other animals. These are cute-looking animals, with big round eyes, small snouts and bat ears. Your family is bound to love it the moment they see it. The breed is lazy and does not need much exercise. This requires less effort from the owner, yet French Bulldogs are easy to train. They are good apartment dogs and can be left home by owners who have to be out for the entire day. However, there are some things that new French bulldog owners should know about. Here is the pet care checklist for them:

Keep its teeth clean

Since the dog has tight jaws, brushing its teeth requires some extra effort. But this does not mean that you can cringe on it. Brush its teeth at least every alternate day. Use good quality pet toothpaste and brush all sides of its teeth. Take at least 30 seconds for the process. Brushing will not be a problem because of the easy going temperament of the Frenchie. Take it to a vet for professional teeth cleaning once in a while.

Clean its wrinkles regularly

Deep facial wrinkles or folds are a characteristic trait found in French Bulldogs. They give these animals a cute appearance but cleaning them can be a lot of work for the owners. The wrinkles get dirty as they trap food, moisture, dirt, mucus, and dead skin. This can lead to the dog’s face smelling foul and a variety of skin problems such as sores, fungus, and infections. Therefore, routine cleaning of the skin folds is a must. Use non-allergenic antibacterial wet wipes to wipe the wrinkles and keep them clean. The frequency of cleaning depends on how …

A Few Things You Should Know as a First Time Parrot Owner

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Birds make great pets, but the truth is that they are much different to care for than dogs and cats. Ideally, you want to do your research before you purchase a bird, but if you have already taken the plunge and became a parrot owner, the following information should help you.

Pay attention to your bird’s lifespan

Each species of bird will have a life expectancy, and you need to familiarize yourself with the lifespan of the particular species that you plan on buying or have already bought. You need to understand certain birds, especially parrots, have lifespans that equal or exceeds that of people. For this reason alone, you are making a long-term commitment to bird ownership. Certain species of bird need to be mentioned in a will, so they will be taken care of if they outlive you. If you are not ready to make a friend for the rest of your life, you probably shouldn’t be an owner of a parrot.

Take the time to decide on cage placement

Most parrots need direct sunlight for a certain amount of time each day. It will not be healthy for your bird to only experience indirect light, and you should never keep your bird in a dimly lit area of your home. Parrots and similar birds need direct sunlight in order for their bodies to manufacture important nutrients. It is common for bird owners not to give their parrots enough direct sunlight. Failure to do this can lead to health problems over time.

Parrots are social animals

Make sure you understand that you parrot will become a part of your life. These birds are extremely social, so if you are the only person living with the bird, you will need to spend time talking to it as well as …