5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Dogs

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Keeping an Eye on Your Dogs Health Complaints

Being a dog owner can be very difficult however it is out main duty to make sure they are healthy and happy. It is of great importance on your part to keep an eye on any unexplained symptoms that your dog is showing and if you think that there is a need for veterinary care then might as well take them to the nearest vet office. Since dogs are unable to convey what they are feeling through words it is necessary for use to watchful with their actions. Here are some of the symptoms that you must watch out.

1. Sudden weight loss

There are a lot of possible reasons why dogs experience sudden weight loss; it could be due to stress, parasites and other things that are quite disturbing. It is expected for your pup to experience weight loss if they are in a low – calorie diet but if not then this is something that you must think thoroughly. If the cause of their weight loss is still unknown then you must see the vet immediately to determine the cause.

2. Constant scratching

The feeling of itchiness is usual for dog since they are covered with fur. However, if they are constantly scratching, it could be a sign of parasite infestation like fleas or tick and even skin diseases like dermatitis. For instance, your dog is infested with fleas then what you can do is purchase best flea medicine for dogs sold on the market. If your dogs are not infested with fleas then you need to see the vet immediately for a clear diagnosis.

3. Check their temperature to confirm if they have a fever

If your dog’s having a fever then it is possible that their body is reacting to some kind of infection or bacteria. If their temperature is still high then you might need some antibiotics for them to get past of their current condition.

4. Monitor their coughs

There might be some obstructions in the throat of dogs so it is unavoidable for them to cough sometimes. However if they are constantly coughing then this is something that you need be anxious. There might be some blockage in their airways or they might be experiencing bronchitis, Pneumonia or other lug ailments.

5. They have a hard time using the bathroom

If your pup is having a hard time in using the bathroom then you must go to the vet immediately. This could mean a lot of things like infection or dehydration that is why you need to have them check by vets immediately before things gets worst. This is a good way of making sure your dog is in perfect condition.