4 Baby Benefits of Coconut Oil

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There are many chemicals commonly added to skincare items that haven’t been in use long enough to determine their safety. The skin is the largest organ, and it absorbs everything that’s put on it. While ingested toxins can be filtered through the liver and intestinal tract, the skin has no similar defense. By choosing organic, natural skincare ingredients wherever possible, parents can do a favor for the Earth and for their kids’ skin. Here, parents can learn about the benefits of coconut oil as a personal care product.

Use it as a Moisturizer

In 2014 a study was done on pediatric atopic dermatitis patients. Atopic dermatitis is a condition where the patient’s skin cannot retain water, and inflammation and dry skin are the typical result. After two months of treatment with coconut oil, it was discovered that the oil was better than mineral oil at restoring the skin’s natural moisture.

Effective Wound Healing

When the skin sustains damage, there are three stages in the healing process: inflammation, tissue and blood cell formation and remodeling. A study done on rats showed that coconut oil stimulated collagen production and natural antioxidant enzyme synthesis as compared to a control group.

Eliminating Bumps Around the Chin and Mouth

Babies love to try new foods and put everything in their mouths, and they can often have irritated skin around the mouth and chin. Coconut oil is a potent skin infection fighter, and it can make those pesky bumps disappear without a trace.

Healing Minor Cuts and Scrapes

Most toddlers have no fear, and as a result, they can get their share of cuts and scrapes. As research shows, coconut oil is an effective antimicrobial agent and it can accelerate wound healing. Apply coconut oil cream to minor scrapes and watch them vanish.

Babies have irresistibly soft skin, but they can still have issues and discomforts. There are many products on the market that claim to help with baby’s skin problems, but most do more harm than good. By using pure, natural coconut oil, parents can keep their babies’ skin soft, supple and calm while helping the environment at the same time. Visit www.mamahippie.com for more natural baby care tips.